Illini Nation through 120+ Years of Illini Football

A Data Driven Discovery by Ashley Simon, Nicole Ng, and Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider*


In the past 120 years, since the year 1892, the University of Illinois' men's football team played over 1,200 games of football. As part of CS 205: Data Driven Discovery, a project-based data science course open to all non-CS majors, groups of students analyzed a dataset that consists of every football game played by the Illini since 1892. This page is the result of one group's work.


A circle is started for every Illini game, centered on the opponent's city.
As years pass, circles dissipate with time.
Scroll the page to advance through Illini games, tap/hover/click for game details.

Illini Nation, 1892


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