Every Gen Ed at UIUC, by GPA

A Data Driven Discovery by , , and *

Updated for Fall 2020 registration on ยท First published: March 2, 2016


CS 205: Data Driven Discovery published "GPAs of Every Course at The University of Illinois" last semester, a visualization made course GPA data much more transparent. However, it did little to help narrow down courses within one or more general education categories. This visualization, developed by a group of students from CS 205, is the result of the work done to solve that need using GPA data from Fall 2016 through Winter 2019/20.


The larger the course, the larger the radius of the circle.
The lower the average GPA or the percentage of As, the more red hue is added to the color.

General Education Categories

Choose a gen ed category to narrow the visualization below to only courses matching all gen eds selected. Multiple gen eds may be selected to view courses that meet multiple gen ed categories.

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