Pokemon Egg Move Calculator

Anna Buyevich '20
BS: Computer Science
College of Engineering
Emily Chen '20
PhD: Computational Linguistics
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Aravind Sundararajan '19
PhD: Biomedical Engineering
College of Engineering, UTK

Advised by: Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider
With: Emily Chen, Aravind Sundararajan, and Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider


Pokemon Egg Move Calculator computes the shortest possible breeding chains necessary to breed a specific egg move onto a specific Pokemon. It returns all such chains, beginning with Pokemon that learn the move by level-up or TM. Read more on egg moves ▼


Technical Details

To solve the problem of finding the shortest path for a pokemon to gain a move, we developed a multi-graph consisting of 917 nodes and 46,145 edges. Using your chosen Pokemon as the ending node and your move as a parameter to graph construction, a modified, level-based Breadth-First Search algorithm finds every possible path from various starting Pokemon to create your chosen Pokemon with the specified egg move.


Aric A. Hagberg, Daniel A. Schult and Pieter J. Swart, “Exploring network structure, dynamics, and function using NetworkX”, in Proceedings of the 7th Python in Science Conference (SciPy2008), Gäel Varoquaux, Travis Vaught, and Jarrod Millman (Eds), (Pasadena, CA USA), pp. 11–15, Aug 2008

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